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If you sell goods or services on the Internet, you have the option to include a wishlist on your Web page. Your visitors can then add your products to their wishlist and hopefully your products will be selected when buying gifts.

Before you read on, try first how it works in our demo webshop. The webshop is located on a different domain (which could be yours) in order for you to see how it works with Wish2master.com:

Click here to try our demo shop

Embeded wishlist, how does it work?

An embedded wishlist is an area on your Web page, typically 220x400 pixels. The user can by pressing a button or by dragging a product and dropping it on the wishlist insert products from your webpage onto his wishlist. Once the product is transferred to the wishlist, the user can give it priority or edit further by clicking on the small pencil to the right of the desired. If the user is not logged on, a message is displayed to the user that he or she can log by clicking a link:


On a dropdown box the user can choose wich wishlist the next wish will be added and below is a list of the most recent added wishes.

The embeded wishlist can be customized to fit your website's graphic design. Included in the download package are also different buttons you can use to add wishes to the wishlist. Hopefully one of them fits your website design.