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Giving the perfect gift

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Giving the perfect gift can be very difficult. In addition to figuring out what the recipient wants, the gift must also reflect the situation it is given in and the relationship between the receivers and the giver. An incorrect gift may be perceived as an insult.

1. Personal Gift

Make the gift as personal as possible. This emphasizes that you have a special relation to the recipient and that you have an interrest in him or her. In this category are also gifts that the recipient may not have explicitly wished for, but that you know the recipient will be happy for because through your observation you have noticed that the recipient has previously expressed preference for the gift, perhaps without even having thought about it.

2. Try to find something that surprises

We all know it: The best gifts are often the ones we have not wanted. Think about what you have previously observed at the recipient. Perhaps you know that the recipient is interested in literature and you happen to have seen a 1st edition of an antiquarian of the recipient's breeding author.

3. Think not only of material things to give

A gift does not have to be a thing, but it can also be an experience or promise of a deed. A popular thing in our family is to give each other experiences. It could be a restaurant visit, Gocart, Mystery house, paintball, mini vacation - yes the list is endless.

4. Find something that recipients would not buy themselves

We all have things we like but only rarely buy for ourselves. Traditionally, there are jewelry and parafume for women and clothing and personal care for men. But there may be other things, such as a subscription to a newspaper or magazine. It can also be a wellness stay or a firness monthly card, or a course in cooking.

5. Ask for advice

It is commonly known that it is difficult to give gifts in areas you do not know. It is often difficult for men to give women gifts and vice versa: Therefore, ask for advice from a person who looks like the one you want to give the gift. If you are a woman who wants to give a man a piece of tools, ask another man if he would be happy with the tool. If you have a teenage daughter and want to give her clothes, ask a girl of the same age if she will be happy with the gift. If you do not know a girl of the same age as your daughter there is a big chance of meeting one in the store where you intends to buy. Many disappointing gifts could be avoided when asking first.

6. Find something that can be exchanged

It is not always possible, but at least check if your gift can be exchanged. Special personal gifts and clothes should be exchangeable. Often you can get the gift sealed so the gift can be exchanged, such as underwear, books and CDs etc.

7. Do not give something that the whole household will use

The recipient of a gift will often feel "cheated" if the gift is just as much to the other in the household unless it is explicitly wished.

8. Make sure the wrapping is stylish

Part of a gift is the wrapping. It always increases the value of the gift that it is packed neatly. If that's a big thing, you can pack a card with a picture of the gift and give it instead.