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Wish2master is a page where you free of charge can create one or more wish lists, which you can email to your family, friends, co-workers, etc. by sending them a link to your wish list.

Your family, friends, etc. can, without you can see it, go into your wish list, reserve one of your wishes, write together, be together on a gift and more.

Before you can create a wish list you must login to Wish2master. You can login with your facebook or google account or register as a user on Wish2master and login with the password you have chosen.

After you have logged in to Wish2master, you create and write your wish list. To your wishes, you can upload pictures, enter link to stores write comments, etc. Then you can send a link to your wish list to your family, friends and co-workers. Alternatively you can print out QR codes to your wish list that you can paste into a written invitation. You can also fill in personal data under your profile e.g. your shoe size, height, favorite color and so on so your friends easier can find a gift to you. You can for each wish list you create decide if your friends may view your profile.

You can create wish lists for several different events such as birthday, christmas, anniversary, etc. Those who receive a link to your wish list can click on the link and get in and see your wish list on wish2maste. If the recipient logs into Wish2master.com via his gmail or facebook profile or create a user account on Wish2master he or she can post comments, make a reservation on a gift, join forces with others about wishes and see what other users write. The one who created the wish list cannot see or keep up with these comments. Furthermore your friends can see your profile data if you have decided that they may view your profile for that wish list.

You can give a wish list a status as either public, public not searchable, private or draft.

Public :      
Anyone who has a link to a public wish list can view it. A public wish list can be searched for on Wish2master with the search tags you have specified under the search section in you profile. No other information you specify under your profile can be searched upon e.g. you address or name. Only if you specify your name or address in the search tags they can be searched upon. Your friends have to login to be able to reserve, comment etc. on wishes.

Public not searchable:
Anyone who has a link to the wish list can view it. It cannot be searched on Wish2master. Your friends have to login to be able to reserve, comment etc. on wishes.

Only those who have a link and that you have allowed through their email can log in and see your wish list, can view the wish list. The wish list cannot be searched on Wish2master.

The wish list cannot be viewed by anyone other than you self or be searched.

You can always change the status of a wish list.

Advertisers can advertise with offers in special areas on the page, but not contact users, or view or monitor communications on the wish list, or even come up with comments. Users' email addresses and other contact information will never be disclosed to others, and can always be completely deleted.

Wish2master.com can be used for a wide range of events such as graduations, weddings, birthdays, etc where guests do not know each other but would like to communicate together on gifts without the host can keep up with.

There are many advantages to get your wish list on the Internet.

  1. You can continually update your wish list
  2. Avoid getting the same gift twice
  3. Friends can splice on expensive gifts
  4. Guests can write together on Wish2master.com without you can see it, where they may agree on who gives what or join forces for a wish etc.
  5. You can email links to your wish list to your friends, or print links as QR codes which you can paste into your invitation.
  6. You can create wish lists for several different events e.g. Christmas, anniversary, christening, confirmation, etc.
  7. You can wish for bigger things than you had originally thought possible, e.g. experiences, vacations, health treatments, dental treatments, etc.
  8. You can also disclose data about yourself e.g. shoe size, trouser size, etc. so that your friends easily can find a gift that suits you.
  9. Avoid having to return gifts.
  10. And much more.

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