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Wish2master.com is the result of a project started in 2015 by three friends who have a common past at the Technical University of Denmark.

They all work with IT in their daily work, and the coordinating person is Henrik Lassen. He has previously worked in the consumer service "Price database".

The purpose of Wish2master.com is to make a page that concentrates on facilitating the giving and wishing of gifts.

This is done through the primary services "Giftfinder" and "Wishlist".

It is our hope that the users of the site will think it helps them find and wish for gifts and because it is easy to use.

Wish2master.com is intended to be primarily financed by banner ads on the site.

If you have any suggestions or have any questions please feel free to contact us

Our address is

Gl. Lyngevej 57
3450 Alleroed

Phone + 45 61 70 67 93

If you would rather write to us electronically, please use our contact form

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